Turnit expands to Australia by signing up with TfNSW

Turnit, a global leader in travel technology, has announced its partnership with Spiketech to implement its Turnit Ride SaaS platform for Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW). The strategic partnership aims to provide a new end-to-end customer reservation system for NSW TrainLink by leveraging cutting-edge SaaS technology and expert consulting services to optimize its long-distance operations and enhance the customer booking experience. 

"This partnership with Spiketech and TfNSW marks a significant milestone for Turnit as we continue to expand our global footprint. We are excited to leverage our experience in delivering complex logistics management and flexible responsiveness to enhance transportation in New South Wales," said Turnit CEO Ülo Säre. Turnit will be responsible for replacing and upgrading the entire reservation and inventory management platform for NSW TrainLink, the agency within TfNSW which provides long-distance public transport services in regional NSW. 

The Central Reservation System (CRS) will provide an end-to-end digital platform to plan, book and pay for regional train and coach services for NSW TrainLink customers. It will significantly upgrade the current software solution, which services around 2 million customers annually, providing a better user experience for staff and travel agents.

TfNSW XPT Trainlink #2-1

Turnit's platform will provide booking operations for over a thousand rail and coach services each week. 

 In addition to state-of-the-art seat inventory, booking, and product management capabilities, Turnit will also implement the rail distribution API standard called Open Sales & Distribution Model  (OSDM), which is rapidly gaining traction as a new industry standard for interoperability and cross-booking between public transport systems and global distributors. 

“We believe our partnership with Turnit is a game-changer in the Australian rail industry,” said Spiketech CEO, Ivan Kladnig. “It leverages the key strengths of both our organisations. Spiketech with unparalleled local skill and knowledge combined with Turnit’s expertise in travel technology provides a winning combination for TfNSW. We’re excited that the new platform will enable TfNSW to create a multimodal system that connects different transport systems, improving the overall travel experience for their customers and can be seen as a blueprint for success for other passenger rail operators in the A/NZ market.”  

Turnit Ride Vehicle Compositions
Composition of passenger carriage in Turnit Ride

Turnit's comprehensive end-to-end SaaS platform processes over 40 million passenger segments annually and is used by more than 50 transport operators worldwide. The platform, designed with the unique needs of the rail and bus industry in mind, has been implemented by global mobility and public transport leaders such as Samtrafiken, Vy Group, LTG Link, Bus Éireann, CTM, RedCoach and Lux Express.

About Turnit 

Estonia-based Turnit is a leading travel tech company providing mission-critical distribution and reservation software technology and consultancy to the passenger transport industry. 

Their end-to-end SaaS platform for managing routes, inventory, pricing, reservations, and distribution, delivered as full service, is carefully tailored with rail and bus industry in mind. With Turnit Ride, transport operators can manage their sales and distribution more efficiently, and improve their customer experience and profitability.

About Spiketech 

Spiketech are a boutique consultancy providing unparalleled expertise and professional services in the travel technology space. We are focused on delivering the best travel technology services to bus and rail operators across the Asia-Pacific region. Our core competencies are related to rail and bus reservation systems and passenger rail travel technology. 

Spiketech are Sydney, Australia based, working with rail and bus operators across the Asia-Pacific region, leveraging our extensive experience working with railways across the globe and bringing those expert skills to the local market.