Turnit Ride to power RedCoach USA expansion

Turnit, a travel technology company developing the world's leading, off-the-shelf reservation & inventory management platform for the ground-based travel industry, has expanded its presence in the USA by launching RedCoach on its Turnit Ride platform.

RedCoach, a premier luxury motorcoach company, provides intercity coach services across Florida and Texas. RedCoach’s fleet of 25 buses offers travelers first (27 seats), business (38 seats) and economy (56 seats) class options with quality amenities including bed-like seats that recline up to 140 degrees, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, 110v and USB outlets for electronics, on-board entertainment, complimentary snacks, reserved seating, bus tracking for up-to-date information on arrival times, no baggage fees, and more.

“The fact that RedCoach has since its inception had the goal of providing the best service is what inspires us - with a customer aiming at excellence we can also enhance our product and will become even more fitted to serve the US coach market,” says Ülo Säre, CEO of Turnit.

According to Säre, the Turnit Ride solution is well-equipped to serve RedCoach’s current needs and future ambitions. Having a wide omnichannel sales network and being able to distribute inventory also through resellers like OTA-s is definitely one of the key needs for RedCoach. This requires a capable API and scalable service to put up with a potentially very high amount of search and booking requests at any time. Campaigns and special offers that are part of the business model will demand even more from the backend infrastructure.

Secondly, the market is highly competitive and thus the pricing strategy may change very often to react to competitor moves or other events requiring fast modification of the prices or route network. Flexibility in the core data modification and integrations to external tools like revenue management services helps to reach the goal of staying effective while growing the operations.

And as the expansion takes RedCoach to new routes and markets, it is equally important to be able to use the same tools everywhere in a seamless way while keeping potential local specialties in mind.

“Turnit’s longtime experience serving coach and rail companies in Europe, Africa, and Northern America gives us the confidence that they can be a technology partner bringing us to the next level with our operations,” confirms Florencia Cirigliano, VP of Marketing and Sales at RedCoach.

Founded in Florida in 2010, RedCoach’s mission is to redefine what bus travel means and provide an affordable, luxurious and safe travel experience for its customers. To date, RedCoach has provided comfortable and convenient, yet affordable, express line-run service for more than 2 million travellers and has travelled over 25 million miles.

Turnit, a travel technology company developing the world's leading off-the-shelf reservation & inventory management platform for the ground-based travel industry. Through long-term partner relationships Turnit enables passenger rail and coach operators to maximize revenue, streamline business processes and popularize the use of shared transportation with its scalable, cloud-based ticketing, reservations and inventory management system, and off-the-shelf availability of omni-channel sales, dynamic pricing, connected trips, visualised seat mapping, rich API and many other functionalities.

About RedCoach
Founded in 2010, RedCoach is a high-end, affordable express motorcoach that has been servicing Florida for more than a decade. Today, RedCoach is one of the most trusted luxury transportation offerings for business and leisure travelers alike, with daily routes throughout Florida and Texas. Equipped with the latest technology, RedCoach provides travelers with a truly unique motorcoach experience with its fleet of luxury vehicles that offer the utmost safety for its passengers. Fitted with 26, 38 or 56 seats, RedCoach offers spacious seating that reclines up to 140 degrees. Since its inception, RedCoach has transported more than a two million passengers, and it continues to add new routes to fulfill its mission of providing an affordable, luxurious and safe travel experience for its customers. RedCoach is committed to offering travelers a level of quality and service that is the new standard in the industry. 

To find out more about RedCoach, please visit: redcoachusa.com.