Turnit and Arenaways Partner to Enhance Italian Rail Travel

Arenaways, operator that became symbol of the liberalisation of passenger rail services in Italy, and Turnit, a global leader in advanced travel technology solutions, announce a strategic partnership to improve the quality and efficiency of local rail connections in Italy, starting from Piedmont.

The Arenaways and Turnit partnership aims to significantly impact the Italian rail travel landscape by reopening two lines that have been dormant for over a decade. This project will restore vital transportation links and support local economies. By integrating Turnit's advanced sales and distribution solution, Turnit Ride, Arenaways can offer a modern, efficient, and user-friendly travel experience. The new SaaS platform, including ticket office tools, a white label booking engine, and an onboard app, is designed to provide a seamless and straightforward travel experience, emphasizing both companies' commitment to passenger satisfaction.

"We are an Italian private operator with an ambitious mission to redefine the train travel experience by also approaching the local connections with criteria of innovation and quality. We were looking for a partner who shared our traveller-centric approach, able to pay the same attention to details that we put into building our service. Even though we are a very demanding client, Turnit fully met our "Rail different" philosophy and we couldn't be more excited to start the ticketing service at the end of December this year," shared Arenaways CEO, Matteo Arena.

This project involves reactivating two regional service lines in Piedmont, encompassing sixteen stations overall. These routes have been closed to passenger traffic since 2012, making their revival an essential step in enhancing regional connectivity and accessibility. Improved rail services also contribute to sustainable transportation by providing a viable alternative to car travel, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, and making travel more accessible to a broader population. Starting in January 2025, these new routes will provide essential transportation services to local communities and tourists.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Arenaways, a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service. Our technology aligns well with their plans to enhance local rail travel in Italy. This partnership reflects our shared goal of providing high-quality travel experiences through technological advancement," added Turnit CEO, Ülo Säre.

Arenaways and Turnit aim to set a new standard for rail travel in Italy by combining Arenaways' dedication to service excellence with Turnit's technological expertise. Together, they seek to offer an improved travel experience for passengers across the region.

About Turnit 

Turnit is a leading travel tech company providing mission-critical distribution and reservation software technology and consultancy to the passenger transport industry. 

Their end-to-end SaaS platform for managing routes, inventory, pricing, reservations, and distribution, delivered as full service, is carefully tailored with the rail and bus industry in mind. Turnit Ride processes over 40 million passenger segments annually, and it's used by over 50 global mobility and public transport leaders such as TfNSW, Samtrafiken, Vy Group, Bus Éireann, CTM, and LTG Link.

About Arenaways 

Arenaways - Longitude Holding Srl is a private Italian railway enterprise, founded in Torino in 2021 by a pool of investors with over 30 years of expertise in the industry. The mission of Arenaways is to redefine the train travel experience by approaching also the local connections with criteria of innovation and quality. Arenaways connections will start from January 2025 with two routes in the province of Cuneo, Piedmont; yet the company aims to extend the service to more secondary lines up to the InterCity connections.