Busworld Academy Webinar - Turnit & Vy Bus4You presentation

Although COVID crisis has had disastrous consequences for the whole intercity bus industry and majority of operators around the world are suffering, it's also important to take a step back and try to look at the future beyond tomorrow.

We at Turnit strongly believe that the industry will revive faster than general tourism and travel industry. We also believe this crisis will have a tremendous impact on the digital transformation the operators, distribution channels and customer relationships.

Digitalization is not some hype thing. Remember what impact Uber and Lyft had on taxi industry? It's real and it should be considered seriously either by competitive threat or even better - an advantage!

On 15th of October Turnit in co-operation with Vy were speakers in an industry-specific webinar, arranged in collaboration with Busworld Academy and CheckMyBus.

We presented a business case together with one of our key customers Vy Group (formerly Nettbuss), covering topics like:

  • First-hand experience of Vy in transforming 95% of their sales online
  • Key insight about future trends like digital consolidation
  • Vy Group own experience in developing an inter-modal MaaS platform

You can replay the recording of the presentation below:

You can access our presentation files here: 

In English: Busworld Academy Presentation EN

In Spanish: Busworld Academy Presentacion ES

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